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Vaper’s Tongue! Can't Taste My Vapes Fav Flavor!

Vaper’s Tongue! Can't Taste My Vapes Fav Flavor!
Vaper’s Tongue! Can't Taste My Vapes Fav Flavor!
Vaper’s Tongue: What Causes It and How to Fix It
Have you noticed that your favorite e-juice has begun to taste a little “off,” or that you can’t really taste it at all anymore? The problem may not be your juice – it may be a common phenomenon known as “vaper’s tongue.” Not to worry. Vaper’s tongue isn’t serious, nor is it permanent, and there are lots of easy ways to cure it.

What is vaper’s tongue?
If you have vaper’s tongue, you may have experienced less enjoyment from your daily vape sessions as you struggle to detect the flavors that you normally love. There are varying degrees of vaper’s tongue, ranging from slightly muted taste to no taste whatsoever, possibly even when eating or drinking. The possible causes include:

Too much of a good thing. You may have simply exhausted your favorite e-liquid. Seasoned vapers know that vaping the same juice day in and day out can cause your taste buds to become a little too familiar with it.

Aging vape juice. It may not be your tongue that’s causing the problem at all – it may be your juice itself. If your e-liquid has been sitting for too long, especially in the wrong kind of plastic or in a transparent container exposed to sunlight, it may have begun to degrade, and its flavor will be the first casualty.

Damaged taste buds. Have you ever taken a bite of food that was way too hot, only to find that you can’t taste anything for the rest of the day? If this happens, you also won’t be able to taste your e-juice.

Common colds, medications, dehydration. Sometimes, a medical condition can cause your taste buds not to function as well. Once the illness or condition passes, your taste buds should return to normal, along with your enjoyment of your vape.

How can I cure vaper’s tongue?
Getting past vaper’s tongue and back to normal taste is typically a simple matter of correcting whatever is causing the issue. If you aren’t sure exactly what the underlying problem is, here are some things you can try.

Try a new flavor. You can cure most cases of vaper’s tongue (or prevent them in the first place) by avoiding using the same e-juice all the time. Instead, sample lots of flavors and switch them up often, perhaps using a selection of your favorites on rotation.

Switch to a higher-VG e-liquid. E-liquids come in varying PG/VG ratios. Many vapers prefer a certain ratio over others. E-juice with a higher ratio of VG to PG can also dry out your throat less, possibly helping with vaper’s tongue.

Drink plenty of water. Water accomplishes many different – and important – things in your body. Not only does it keep you hydrated with zero calories, but it can also help clear any lingering flavors from your palate and prepare your tongue for a fresh vape.

Reset your taste buds. Have you ever been in a perfume store where they provide coffee beans for you to smell between perfume samples to “reset” your nose? Try it – or try sucking on lemons, another method rumored to clear your palate effectively.

By the way, these suggestions aren’t just for those with vaper’s tongue. If you haven’t experienced this issue yet, then practicing the above tips – especially switching up your flavors and staying hydrated – may help you avoid it altogether. If you do notice that your favorite flavor seems to be diminishing in taste, take action immediately so that you can get back to enjoying vaping again right away.

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