Can Vaping Save Lives

Can Vaping Save Lives
Can Vaping Save Lives

As an ex smoker of 30 a day, who quit smoking totally through vaping 3.5 years ago, I believe the simple answer to this is yes.

Never did I think that I could give up my cigarettes, I know that they had total control of me and I wasn’t really under the impression that I was ever going to give them up, or be able to give them up.

I started on an 18mg strength of nicotine in my eliquid, over the years I have weaned myself down the nicotine scale and I now vape at 3mg in a sub ohm kit. I do hope to get onto a zero nicotine liquid in the next 6 months.

The reason I answer this question as ‘yes’ is because throughout my time being a smoker, except for smoking, I lived quite a healthy lifestyle, I ate fairly healthy and I was constantly active, either running, in the gym, doing strength and conditioning or playing football at a fairly good level. As a bit of a heavy smoker, I could always tell that my chest wasn’t happy when I was doing all of these activities. I coughed a lot and often my chest would feel incredibly tight, I’d also get stabbing pains in my chest and just a general uneasy feel in that sort of area.

After a few months of vaping and no smoking, I started seeing a real difference in my chest, I wasn’t coughing, my chest felt clearer, I wouldn’t experience stabbing pains and only a slight tightening in my chest (I suffered with childhood asthma), and this was nothing near how the pains and tightness were while I smoked.

As time went on, my chest got easier and happier, I stared feeling like I had much more energy and I felt that my skin was clearer. At this time, I was still vaping at 18mg, and to be able to see them differences in myself after a short period made it easier to stay off the cigarettes.

I have done heavy research into vaping, as I used to run an ecig shop. There are many opinions out there on the safety of vaping and it’s effects on the body etc and I won’t say they are wrong or right, but until I can see some solid backed up evidence, I will make my judgement based on how vaping has transformed my life for the better, and how it has allowed me to quit smoking, reduce the level of my nicotine addiction and improve my ability to partake in my hobbies with less difficulties. So, yes, I believe that vaping can save a persons life.

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